Hatsune Miku – Heat-Haze Daze

Title: Kagerou Daze | Heat-Haze Daze | Kagerou Deizu | カゲロウデイズ
Composed by Jin
Original Vocal by Hatsune Miku
Piano Arranged by Q•be | Marasy
Transcribed by Q•be | Kakimuki
Q•be Musescore.jpg
Other links:
Listen Here! Niconico | YouTube
YouTube Performance: arr. Marasy (Performed by Marasy)

YouTube Tutorial: arr. Marasy (Uploaded by Kakimuki)

MP3 Player: arr. Q•be
biya, and a girl, Hiyori. On August 15, Hibiya witnesses Hiyori running out into the street to retrieve a black cat and getting hit by a truck. The heat apparently mocks him in his daze, and he blacks out. He wakes up and it is August 14. He tells Hiyori about his strange dream that took place in the park they were walking in. Just as she steps in front of him, a pole falls from the sky and pierces through her. The heat once again laughs at him, and, before he blacks out, he notices Hiyori seems to be smiling as she dies. This process repeats for decades, the same two days happening again and again. Finally, Hibiya decides to take action and pushes Hiyori out of the way of the truck and is killed himself. In the end, it shows Hiyori was also caught in the loop. It turns out that she had been trying to save Hibiya from death, so the cycle still continues on.

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