Megurine Luka – Leia

Title: Leia
Composed by Yuyoyuppe
Original Vocal by Megurine Luka
Piano Arranged by Ciel Noir | koma’n
Transcribed by Ciel Noir | 吟
koma’n PDF
Ciel Noir PDF
Other links:
Listen Here! Niconico | YouTube | ENG SUB!
YouTube Player: arr. koma’n (Uploaded Nekomura Iroha)

YouTube Tutorial: arr. Ciel Noir (Uploaded by KuroHatsukoiReborn!)

Niconico Douga Player: arr. koma’n (Uploaded by koma’n)
Link ☛ 
Niconico Douga Score: arr. Ciel Noir (Uploaded by CieAnn)
Link ☛
Description: This song is about an artist who painted a picture of a girl, then fell in love with her. The PV and the lyrics suggest the artist, incapable to see it was just a inert picture, ripped his eyes out, preferring the delusion instead the reality. He then burned himself along with the portrait after realizing it couldn’t return his feelings. According to the author, “Leia” means “Lie”.

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⇨⇨ Megurine Luka
⇨⇨ Vocaloid Sheet Music



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