IA – A Tale of Six Trillion Years And Night

Title: A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night | Roku-chou Nen to Ichiya Monogatari | 六兆年と一夜物語
Composed by kemu
Lyrics Written by kemu
Original Vocal by IA
Piano Arranged by Marasy | kemu
Transcribed by Kakimuki  |
Marasy PDF
Listen Here! Niconico | YouTube
YouTube Performance: arr. Marasy (Performed by marasy8)

YouTube Tutorial: Trans. by Kakimuki (Uploaded by Kakimuki2011)

Soundcloud Player: arr. kemu

Description: The song tells of “a fairytale that no one knows” about a demon boy with no name, abused by his mother, and who only wanted to be human. He wants to die, and he can’t see any dreams in his future. One day, a girl came to the prison where he was held. Although talking was forbidden, she asked him what his name was, and said that they would leave together. They do, and despite the fact that they know nothing about each other, they are happy, and it is just the two of them.

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⇨⇨ IA
⇨⇨ Vocaloid Sheet Music



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