IA – Brave Boy

Title: Brave Boy | Shounen Brave | 少年ブレイヴ
Composed by Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)
Lyrics Written by  Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)
Original Vocal by  IA
Piano Arranged by unknown*
Transcribed by *unknown*
Download PDF 
Listen Here! ENG SUB!
YouTube Performance: arr. *unknown*  (Performed by Amyte)

Description: Shounen Brave tells the story of Seto’s past, how he became friends with a street dog, was bullied by other children, and after drowning together with his dog received his eye ability. It again shows scenes of how he wandered into the forest and met Marry, though everything is watched through the eyes of his older self. When he first met his friend, he accidentally read her mind, due to being unable to control his powers properly yet, and saw what happened to himself and the other Mekakushi Dan members in the future of Route XX. Even so, he wants to stay by her side and become her friend, so she does not have to be alone anymore.

If you want to remove the sheet/midi in this site. And also tell me if you are the owner so that I will know. Email me here at my CONTACT.

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