IA – Ultramarine Rain

Title: Ultramarine Rain | Gunjou Rainu | 群青レイン
Composed by Jin
Original Vocal by IA
Piano Arranged by Pianokeyper
Transcribed by Pianokeyper
Pianokeyper Musescore.jpg
Listen Here!  YouTubeSubbed!
Soundcloud Player: arr. PianoKeyper

Description: Gunjou Rain tells a story of Marry and her mother,Shion. The latter is reading her daughter a storybook as she has troubles falling asleep, until she eventually drowses off. Shion is watching the rain outside and wishes that it could rain forever so it would stop Marry from going outside. While still sleeping, she tells Mary not to get out of the house and look at the world, and that she would not need to “meet their eyes yet”. Knowing that there is a world outside that never ends to spin, she knows that Marry would one day make her own experiences and maybe find happiness. Remembering her own past, she realizes how much she used to hate the world, but had now grown to love every single day. She thinks back of the days where she always waited with her father for her mother to return, altough she never did. As Shion dies, she is sorry that she could not tell Marry how much she loved her and that the world is about to open for her. The end of the song shows Marry on another rainy day, reading a diary her mother wrote for her, starting to cry because of the words of her mother, “I love you”.

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