Hatsune Miku – Ievan Polkka

Title: Eva’s Polka | Ievan Polkka
Composed by →READ ME!!
Original Vocal by Hatsune Miku
Piano Arranged by AppleCloud
Transcribed by AppleCLoud
AppleCloud  Musescore.jpg
Other links:
Listen Here! Niconico | YouTube | YouTube
MP3 Player: arr. AppleCloud   [(If the MP3 Player won’t show try this!)]

Description: The accompanying video to Miku’s cover of “Ievan Polkka” features Miku Hachune (はちゅねミク), a blank-eyed doll-like chibi version of Miku. In the video, she waves a negi (also called a Welsh onion or spring onion) in time to the music, establishing the negi as Miku’s signature item. Many Vocaloid fans mistake the negi for a leek; however, although a negi does resemble a leek, they are two entirely different vegetables.

If you want to remove the sheet/midi in this site. And also tell me if you are the owner so that I will know. Email me here at my CONTACT.

⇨⇨ Hatsune Miku
⇨⇨ Vocaloid Sheet Music


One thought on “Hatsune Miku – Ievan Polkka

  1. I don’t know who composed this song or… by the way, just read…
    When I checked in Vocaloid Wikia, I don’t know who Music or Lyrics this song.
    → vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Ievan_Polkka

    By the way, check this out!
    Hatsune Miku – Ievan Polka, that was Uploaded by Otomania in Nicovideo.jp .
    In YouTube that was uploaded by junichirokoizumi

    And also this Loituma’s Ievan Polkka in 1996

    Check this wikipedia about Ievan Polkka

    I think the one who composed this song are Eino Kettunen. According to Wikipedia.org
    Because the music are the same.. I don’t have any knowledge. I just only sharing for sheet music. So, tell me, if I’m right or wrong.


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