Megurine Luka – Double Lariat

Title: Double Lariat | ダブルラリアット
Composed by Agoaniki-P
Original Vocal by Megurine Luka
Piano Arranged by SennaXD | Hayato
Transcribed by SennaXD | Hayato
Other links:
Listen Here! Niconico | YouTube | piapro
YouTube Performance: arr. Hayato (Performed by LittleTinyPianist)

YouTube Tutorial: arr. Hayato (Uploaded by tilt1981)

YouTube Score: arr. SennaXD (Uploaded by Serena)

Niconico Performance: arr. Hayato (Uploaded by aaa)
Link ☛
Description: The lyrics of “Double Lariat” talk about how the singer continues spinning around endlessly without stopping. Despite that there are people that are better at it than the singer in the song, the singer persists in trying to increase his/her reach. Finally, with a reach of 6300 km in radius and with the head tilted 23.4 degrees, the singer contemplates a scene that he/she didn’t notice before. The singer finally asks to be accompanied if he/she someday tires of continuing to spin.A possible interpretation of this song is that the singer is the Earth itself; its radius is approximately 6300 km and its axial tilt is 23.4 degrees.Another interpretation of the song is persistence, that one should chin up, never look back and never give up. Continue doing what you do and, in that way, extend your reach not only in one of your favorites, but throughout the world and the universe.

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