Kagamine Rin – Meltdown

Title: Nuclear Fusion | Meltdown | Roshin Yuukai | 炉心融解
Composed by iroha(sasaki) , kuma(alfred)
Original Vocal by Kagamine Rin
Piano Arranged by yuukismanager
Transcribed by Philip Konrad
Download  PDF
Other links:
Listen Here!YouTube
YouTube Performance: arr. yuukismanager (Performed by yuukismanager)

Description: “It’s surely that kind of a world.”
There are various interpretations of this song. The PV can be literally interpreted as Rin jumping into a nuclear reactor to commit suicide, or it can be interpreted figuratively as Rin trying to get rid of her past or purge herself of her sins in order to grow up and become an adult. Iroha has said the lyrics and video represent conflicts in the singer’s inner psychological world. In the video, Rin jumps into a reactor core/nuclear reactor and chokes someone, possibly to death. The little Rin stands for innocent childish mind inside her. The choking scene symbolizes erasing her past self and starting anew.

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