VOCALOID – Heartbeat Clocktower

Title: Clockwork Lullaby 4 | Heartbeat Clocktower  | ハートビート・クロックタワー
Composed by Akuno-P
Original Vocal by KAITO & Kagamine Len/Rin(chorus)
Piano Arranged by
Transcribed by micandonburi
Download PDF MP3
Other links:
Listen Here! Niconico | YouTube | piapro
Soundcloud Player: Trans. micandonburi

Description: “Before his death the lonely man created a small theater deep in the forest.”
The song concerns a mysterious clocktower and its actual guardian, GEAR. The dead owner, embodiment of Greed and former guardian of the clocktower, the “Collector”, created a theater for the “Collectibles” where they forever enact their story.GEAR’s main concern is to keep a young girl “with ugly burns on her body” (The Clockworker’s Doll) alive through the clocktower, and if it stops, she will die. Performing his task day by day, he describes other inhabitants of the clocktower, including the Master of the Graveyard, who devours any helpless visitor who had the bad luck to end up in the theater, and a “pretentious” servant girl (Waiter) who “indulges in selfishness”, but expresses sadness for the loss of her “other half” (Irregular). He also observes how the Kayo’s Scissors and the Venom Sword continue to be “dormant”. GEAR, realizing that the clock was going to stop soon, sacrificed himself to keep it running by taking out his own heart and using it to power the clocktower.

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⇨⇨ KAITOKagamine Len & Rin
⇨⇨ Vocaloid Sheet Music


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