Touhou – Mysterious Exorcism Rod

Source: Eastern Castle of Shining Needles | Touhou Kishinjou | 東方輝針城 ~ Double Dealing Character
Song Title
: Mysterious Exorcism Rod | Fushigi na oharai bō | 不思議なお祓い棒
Composed by ZUN “Ohta Jun’ya 太田順也”
Piano Arranged by Nulgod after 紅葉月梛葉
Transcribed by Nulgod
Download PDF Musescore.jpg (-PDF + MIDI etc. on MS)
Listen Here!
MP3 Player: arr. Nulgod after 紅葉月梛葉

If you want to remove the sheet/midi in this site. And also tell me if you are the owner so that I will know. Email me here at my CONTACT.

⇨⇨ Touhou Sheet Music


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