Love Live! – Eternal Friends

Anime: Love Live! – School Idol Project | ラブライブ! School idol project
Song Title: Eternal Friends | Eien Friends | 永遠フレンズ
Composed by Nakatsuchi Tomohiro (中土智博)
Original Artist by Printemps
Piano Arranged by MyReminiscence
Transcribed by MyReminiscence
MyReminiscence PDF
Listen Here! YouTube
YouTube Tutorial: arr. MyReminiscence (Uploaded by MyReminiscence)

Description: A song from Printemps’ third single. Printemps is a sub-unit under μ’s; the group consists of Kousaka Honoka (高坂穂乃果), Koizumi Hanayo ( 小泉花陽), and Minami Kotori (南ことり). It was first previewed by being released for play on Love Live! School idol festival on October 16, 2014. It was released on November 12, 2014.

If you want to remove the sheet/midi in this site. And also tell me if you are the owner so that I will know. Email me here at my CONTACT.

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2 thoughts on “Love Live! – Eternal Friends

  1. hey! great arrangement, it’s very good! i couldn’t help but notice that certain right hand parts may have been written a step too high in the sheet music? like measure 10, the right hand hits an F minor chord when it should be Eb major, and a few other wanky sections with the same sort of thing going on. otherwise i’m stoked to learn it!


    • Actually, I’m not the one who arranged it. It would be best to comment it on YouTube Video Channel of MyReminiscence. He is the one who arranged & Transcribed it. I think MyReminiscence would be glad to hear about your comment about his transcription.. ->


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