Hatsune Miku – Unhappy Refrain

Title: Unhappy Refrain | アンハッピーリフレイン
Composed by wowaka
Original Vocal by Hatsune Miku
Piano Arranged by Marasy
Transcribed by ReMind | Yuuji Fudo
Marasy PDF
Yuuji Fudo PDF MIDI Website
Other links:
Listen Here! Niconico | YouTube
YouTube Performance: arr. Marasy (Performed by marasy8) start @13:41

YouTube Score: arr. Marasy (Uploaded by ReMa)

MP3 Player: Trans by Yuuji Fudo  [(If the MP3 Player won’t  show try this!)]

Description: This song was originally uploaded onto Nico Nico Douga on May 2, 2011. It has since reached over 1,000,000 views, becoming one of wowaka’s popular songs and making it into the Hall of Legend. A likely interpretation for this song is about wowaka’s dissatisfaction with the Vocaloid community, and is a brutal callout to the fandom that many have missed. wowaka explains that while his songs have seen great success, the success is under Hatsune Miku’s name rather than his own, invalidating the hard work he put into his own music (an issue rampant in the Vocaloid community.) Backing up this theory is that Unhappy Refrain is the last song wowaka composed on its eponymous album, and in general, before becoming inactive as a Vocaloid producer. In addition, one PV contains imagery pertaining to the interpretation, including files named “My Song” changing to “Miku Song”. Many lyrics refer to feeling tired and wanting to quit, but none pertain to suicide, making the farewell song theory even stronger. Like many of wowaka’s songs, it makes references to other songs by him (Example: I’ve given up on my ‘One More Time’ = “Rolling Girl”).

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⇨⇨ Hatsune Miku
⇨⇨ Vocaloid Sheet Music


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