Hatsune Miku – Rotten Heresy and Chocolate

Title: Rotten Heresy and Chocolate | Kusaregedo to Chokoreito | 腐れ外道とチョコレゐト
Composed by Pinocchio-P
Original Vocal by Hatsune Miku
Piano Arranged by
Transcribed by
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Listen Here! Niconico | YouTube
MP3 Player: arr. *unknown*  [(If the MP3 Player won’t  show try this!)]

Description: The lyrics tell of a girl who loves gossip, and doesn’t care if it’s real or fake. She starts the song by telling the listener that the teacher and a student from the next class over are doing some “immoral” acts. Later, she starts a rumor about a pop star everybody likes, and one about a famous scholar. She compares the gossip to chocolate because it’s so addictive and everybody wants a piece once you open it. At the end of the song, she finds out how it feels to be on the other end (being gossiped about), claiming that “it’s not to her taste”.

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