Love Live! – Someday From Now On

Love Live! – Someday From Now On.jpg

Anime: Love Live! – School Idol Project | ラブライブ! School idol project
Song Title: Someday From Now On | Korekara no Someday | これからのSomeday
Composed by yozuca*
Original Artist by μ’s
Piano Arranged by SJE
Transcribed by SJE
Listen Here! YouTube
YouTube Score: arr. SJE (Uploaded by anisonpiano)

Description: μ’s ninth single as well as one of the insert songs from the Love Live! School idol project anime. It is sung by seven members of μ’s, who are divided into three groups in this song. The group compositions are: Sonoda Umi (園田海未) – Minami Kotori (南ことり), Hoshizora Rin (星空凛) – Koizumi Hanayo (小泉花陽) and Yazawa Nico (矢澤にこ) – Nishikino Maki (西木野真姫) – Kousaka Honoka (高坂穂乃果). Although in the anime it said that the song has no one in the center, the center role is actually being performed by Kousaka Honoka. This is implied by how often she appears in the middle of the formation. The song is used in Season 1 Episode 6. It was released on March 6, 2013.

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