Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Ninelie

Anime: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress | Koutetsujou no Kabaneri | 甲鉄城のカバネリ
Song Title: Ninelie
OP/ED/BGM/Soundtrack etc: Ending
Composed by Hiroyuki Sawano (澤野弘之)
Original Artist by Aimer feat. chelly (EGOIST)
Piano Arranged by Ngo PhucOldTang | Animenz | GovzLegacySw33ti3pie297JB AnimePiano | AnimePianoBegToshikuni Karube | MyReminiscence  | Fonzi M | Theishter | Navarone Boo
Transcribed by Ngo PhucOldTang | Animenz | GovzLegacySw33ti3pie297JB AnimePianoAnimePianoBegToshikuni Karube | MyReminiscence  | Fonzi M | UnlimitedMusicWorksUnlimitedMusicWorks
Ngo Phuc PDF
Animenz PDF MIDI
Theishter PDF MIDI
GovzLegacy PDF MIDI
Navarone Boo PDF MIDI
Sw33ti3pie297 PDF MIDI
JB AnimePiano PDF MIDI
AnimePianoBeg PDF MIDI
Toshikuni Karube PDF MIDI
MyReminiscence  PDF ver. 01 PDF ver. 02
Fonzi M Website
Listen Here! YouTube
YouTube Performance: arr. Animenz (Performed by Animenz)

YouTube Performance: arr. Theishter (Performed by Theishter)

YouTube Performance: arr. OldTang (Performed by OldTangPiano8)

YouTube Performance: arr. Fonzi M (Performed by Fonzi M)

YouTube Performance: arr. Navarone Boo (Performed by Navarone Boo)

YouTube Performance: arr. Toshikuni Karube (Performed by Anime Pianist Toshi-kun)

YouTube Performance: arr. Ngu Phuc (Performed by Ngu Phuc)

YouTube Tutorial: arr. AnimePianoBeg (Uploaded by AnimePianoBeg)

YouTube Tutorial: arr. Theishter (Uploaded by UnlimitedMusicWorks)

YouTube Tutorial: arr. GovzLegacy (Uploaded by GovzLegacy)

YouTube Tutorial: arr. Navarone Boo (Uploaded by UnlimitedMusicWorks)

YouTube Tutorial: arr. MyReminiscence (Uploaded by MyReminiscence)

YouTube Tutorial: arr. JB AnimePiano (Uploaded by JB AnimePiano )

YouTube Tutorial: arr. Sw33ti3pie297 (Uploaded by Sw33ti3pie297)

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One thought on “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Ninelie

  1. About MyReminiscence Sheet Music: “Why he provide 2 Sheets?”
    For those who haven’t read on YouTube Comment of “MyReminiscence’s Video”

    This is what on his YouTube Comment Video:
    In order to make your learning easier (if you are learning my version) I’ll provide you guys with the 2nd version sheet..

    It’s basically the implementation on my GUIDES TO PLAY section No.3 (BAR 3-10 or 00:08 – 00:31 )
    here is the link

    So, use Sheet 1 to see where the MAIN MELODY is
    and Sheet 2 to make things easier

    Happy learning ::D
    1) Bar 2 (00:06 – 00:08) is where you can hear clearly the RH accompaniment melody.. make sure you ALWAYS HIT THAT PART LIGHTLY THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SONG

    2) Bar 3 – 10 (00:08 – 00:31) is where the problem lies, there is an additional RH melody to the accompaniment which is the MAIN MELODY (from the vocal).. make sure you ALWAYS HIT THE MAIN MELODY HARDER than the ACCOMPANIMENT one.

    3) Still on the same Bar as no. 2… you actually don’t have to hit the RH MAIN MELODY for ENTIRE BEAT like the sheet say because you have sustain pedal.. because that will surely disturbs you when you play the ACCOMPANIMENT MELODY

    4) Practice this 2 hands RH melody at SLOW TEMPO first until your RH fingers remembers it, and try to increase the tempo GRADUALLY until you reach the original tempo

    5) Bar 11 – 17 (00:32 – 00:51), make sure you HIT THE LH HARDER THAN RH


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