[UPDATED in April 15, 2016]

Sheet Music / PDF / Notation / Score that should be ACCEPTED & NOT ACCEPTED.

In this page I will add that should be accepted, or NOT. The reason, It’s is because I shared some sheet music for education, like me or whatever. Mostly sheet music here was my collection. I’m still lack of knowledge about Music by the way. I think a lot of pianist/musician or transcriber’s out there will agree with this. ( •́ .̫ •̀ )

Ok, let’s tart for the NOT ACCEPTED Sheet Music.  

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This Sheet Music is NOT ACCEPTED.. The reason it’s because IT’S WORST.. I think I’m not only who disagree with this. A Lot of pianist/transcriber says this is worst. This Notation mostly was created by mostly in (worst) MIDI Converter to Sheet Music or maybe some other softwares..If you saw something like this in site sheets. Tell Me!

And this…. is truly ACCEPTED  (*^∀゚)ъ [OKAY!!]

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The reason, it is because it was truly transcribed by the Person. Not as a (worst MIDI Converter). They transcribed it along with their sweat. Transcribing a sheet music is not easy.. Some of them spent hours/days/week/months..
I truly admire them.. (*・∀-)☆

Wishing to be able to transcribe a song someday, is one of my dream.  I’m still lack of knowledge about Music/theory. Having a knowledge about Music is truly important, magnificent for me.. I’m sick of playing piano that don’t have enough skill, knowledge about theory of music & others. It’s truly sucks. That’s why I’m always searching/looking for the real pianist teacher here in our location. I’m self-studying, even sometimes it still not enough. I can read sheet music, but still lack. So, someday if I was be able to transcribe a song, I will share mostly my works for free.. When someone requested a song that are related here! I will do it.

This site was one of Music Education, ok, whatever what you call about it.
I just only shared sheet music & midi as a part of my collection just decided added it here!

By the way, if you saw something that are worst sheet music here! Tell Me!!
I want to share only that are right sheet music not as only converted from a (Worst) MIDI Converter to Sheet Music..It’s a part of improvement of this site.

~Thanks & Enjoy!