[UPDATED on March 15, 2016 ]

This is where I give Credits from the Arranger/Transcriber. You can find it ↓below↓!.
I will add a link or url that where all Sheet Music & MIDI that where did I found. 
From a YouTube, Niconico, Blogs, Web & others.
Mostly, I can’t remember the other site.
Because, I started download Sheet Music on my collection on Year 2015 andRin M Sheet Blog still not exist at that time ‘cuz this site was created on near 2016 and not all that, actually I cannot read or understand Japanese Kanji, Hiragana or maybe other languages too.
I can only understand English  and our fluent Language.
So, forgive me about that. But, I will try my best to find it. 🙂

And also I will add from the Arranger & Transcribers  YouTube, Niconico, Blogs, Web & others if they have multiple links. Ok. I’ll introduce them to you all. :3

(Note:SCmeans Soundcloud, “FB Pg.means Facebook Page, “MSmeans Musescore)

Sheet Music & MIDI you can find it
↓↓↓↓ ~below~ ↓↓↓↓

Musescore User Jazzermazzer99 Q•be †Solace Decending† | amits616 The Wise Wolf | ★音楽愛好家★ℳoℓℓyℳawk★| ♪♫Runaway Music♪♫ | ThVocaloid21 | Airik Daily | ritsuka_just

Blog / Web etc..➤ Rin M Sheet Blog | Neko Score | Kakimuki Blog | Josh Agarrado | Ichigos | Happyendingprinciple | Michico | Kiko fuyu Micandonburi | Ciel Noir | kasochiDM | Sheethost Marioveherer | Marasy8 Fan Blog. | Kyle L. Forum | ThePandaTooth | Raymond a.k.a leetommy91

Rin M Sheet Blog ➤ Web Blog | YouTube | Pinterest | SC #1|SC #2|SC #3| SC #4
Marasy まらしぃ ➤ Website YouTube Niconico | Vocaloid Wiki
Theishter  Website | Abandoned Blog | YouTube | Sheethost | FB Pg.
Animenz Website | YouTube | Sheethost | FB Pg.
Kakimuki かきむき  Web Blog | YouTube | Niconico
Kuowiz クオ ➤  YouTube | Niconico | plurk
Kyle Landry ➤ Website | Forum | YouTube | KL Synthesia | FB Pg.
Jazzermazzer99 ➤ Musescore | YouTube
Marioveherer ➤ Website | YouTube | FB Pg.
Josh Agarrado  Website | YouTube | FB Pg.
ThVocaloid21 YouTube |MS 1|MS 2|MS 3|MS 4|MS 5|MS 6
Airik Daily  Website| Musescore | YouTube | Soundcloud
Solace Decending  Musescore | YouTube
ThePandaTooth ➤ Website | YouTube
amits616 ➤ Musescore 1 | Musescore 2 
Molly.Mawk DevianArt | Musescore | Soundcloud

Mostly Picture/images where did I got at , and the others are from search in Google Images. 🙂

Rin M Sheet Logo
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