Done Updated Post

I’m still fixing my old post, format post, correct title, composers, performer and others.. don’t trust my old post details/description too much because it might be wrong.
Thank You!! I’m still improving it.

Mostly details and descriptions from Anime.
I got it from , & others.

List of updated & fixed post Follow  /  Subscribe  /  Like Us on  >>    for any latest updates. And also check my NEWS! page.

Anime Sheet Music Note
+List of updated (BY LETTER)  A | B | C | D |
 E |  | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N |
Now updating from letter = | O |
Video Game Sheet Music Note
Undertale Sheet Music Added tracks from 14 to 52 (February 13, 2017).
I will plan to continue updated on April 2017.
Animation Sheet Music Note
 Recent Added: Beauty and the Beast Need to be updated about the rest.

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