News & Announcement

August 2017 ~ Started

 I apologize for not being active for almost 3 months. So, for now I’m trying my best to be active & update post as I can.

March 2017 ~Started

At March 27 to 31. I’m going to stop updating again. I will come back at April –, 2017 . I have something to do with my another private hobby to practice with (related to music), when I’m finished with it, i’m going to start updating again, so i’m going to flood your/their email inbox for those who subscribed/followed me on this site starting  on this april. :>
 In this March, I will stop updating this site until March 24 & I will continue updating this site probably at March 25 after our Graduation & Moving Up Ceremony at school.

February 2017 ~Started

What do you think of the new looks of this site. It’s good, isn’t it. 🙂 (02/19/17)
Animation Sheet Music will be changed into Cartoon/Animation Sheet Music. Plan to update will be on this Saturday, February 18, 2017.
Undertale Sheet Music will be continue updating on this April 2017. For my first post in undertale, i only added was only 1 to 12 tracks in undertale. And due to a lot of request to not stop updating the Undertale SM, and I decided to update it again in this month, February 11, but only in 14 to 52 tracks for now. The rest of the tracks will be on this April for any available sheets. (02/13/17)
.. Happy 1st Anniversary RinMSheetBlog. And  Thank you so much for your support everyone!! 👏👏 💙💚 Keep up the good work ME!! Hahaha!! lol. And also the site stats is now 150,000+ views & 40, 000+ visitors (02/02/17)

December 2016 ~Started

Rin M Sheet Blog has reach already 100,000+ views & 35,000+ visitors.
Thank you so much everyone! 💙💚💜👏👏👊👊😁😁✌✌👏👏💙💚💜

August 2016 ~Started

The Video Game Sheet Music is finally published in this site. Request some Video Game if it’s not what you are looking for!.
I changed the Theme of this website.. Hope it’s ok..! 😀 ==/8/7/16
The Video Game will be published soon this month of August. Look forward for it.

June 2016 ~Started

I will not always active started this month. I’m now going to be busy as a student right now! I only active If I have time, probably mostly at Saturday or Sunday.
Animation Category is now added on my list! Check it out here!  —–
About in Vocaloid Sheet Music Category, I will re-edit them all. I need to changed every pages. And changing the page into Standard format & the MIDI DL will download into direct link, also some other sheet music too.
For any news or others, be sure to check on my Twitter or Facebook for any updates and some other news!

May 2016 ~Started

Download Sheet Music & MIDI for recovery. If the link is broken, wrong, error & others. And also need some help? Visit here! —–
A lot of MP3 Player link need permission from the owner on Google Drive. I am fixing them right now!
Before: >|PDF|< | >|MIDI|< | >|MP3| < | >|ZIP|< | >|WAV|< | >|FLAC|< Now:   PDF MIDI MP3 ZIP WAV FLAC
Before: >|Musescore|< Musescore  Now: Musescore.jpg
Before:  >|sheethost|< Now: Sheethost
Before:  >|Website|< Now: Website

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